Our Academy creates Europe’s most congruent coaches who are tactical practitioners of their craft.

Learn essential coaching models

Develop a coaching brand 

Benefit from practical coaching session assessments

Monetise your deployable coaching skills

Example Coaching Model

Have a clear understanding of what they offer the client 

Operate a solid solution-based mindset

Offer tangible steps to improve client results

Understand client flaws and offer solutions to them


Show Patience and understanding backed by assertiveness 


Build coaching sessions and action plans that drive results


The Coaching Academy is absolutely eye opening, learning about strategies that can be applied to every and help everyone grow congruently and theres no process for short cuts. Only to create sustainable growth the correct way which i can take away and use to grow my clients.


The Coaching Academy has really benefited my learning so far and also helped with my beliefs around Personal Development. It is by far the most valuable course I’ve taken in the past few years. The syllabus is relatable and breaks down the process of coaching into models which really helps with understanding the process on a better level.


The academy has opened up my eyes to how true coaches go about working with their clients. It’s teaching me the key fundamentals to understanding how your clients work internally, so I can help guide them to take the correct actions externally. It’s content is like nothing I’ve seen else where. Truly game dominating. 

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