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The creators of an iTunes Top 10 Podcast, performance coaches, mentors and international keynote speakers.

Champions Of Mind are renowned as the UK's leading action taking coaches; delivering practical, tactical, actionable, tangible and usable coaching that enables people to increase their results.

The squad pride themselves on one thing, results. They have developed coaching processes that they use with entrepreneurs, Olympians, UFC fighters, business owners, start up founders and High Net Worth Investors.

As a team of former professional footballers, champion boxers, award-winning bodybuilders and owners of multiple profitable businesses and brands they understand the mindset of success, which is why Champions Of Mind keynote talks and coaching services have become so in-demand globally.



The team’s ever-growing reputation has led to the trio working with some of the planet's leading tastemakers, sharing the stage with the most renowned inspirational figures - including the Godfather of motivation Les Brown - and collaborating with the likes of sales icon Grant Cardone and powerhouse entrepreneur Elena Cardone.


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