Day In The Life: Singapore Day 1: Expose People To Living The Life

A Day In The Life: Champions Of Mind in Singapore Day 1. Rhys is taking tangible training to the next level. As IPQA qualified coaches we often talk about the psychology of ‘Anchors’ - an Anchor is something that can create a fast shift in focus and attention - the Anchor can be physical, financial, material or emotional, it just has to have the ability to ‘focus your cognitive bias’ towards a beneficial effect. And Rhys has taken the tangible training of anchors to the next level... by taking Executive Client Haitel to Singapore. Haitel has been achieving massive results in his business and life so this is an opportunity for Rhys to show him a thing or two about LEVELS. Surely the ultimate level of success and achievement is about living the life of your dreams, a taster of that dream could be the catalyst towards its attainment! 

James Burtt