A Day In The Life: Version 3.0 - Rebirth

7 years ago Llewy and Rhys stepped away from the pro fight game to develop their own brands and businesses. For 5 of those years the boys worked relentlessly, but didn’t achieve the results they were chasing... then it all clicked in to place.

When they took the ethos that had made them champions fighters and transferred it into 100% into business they stared to win there too. Now, having made the best of £1,000,000 in profit they’re returning to ring to rediscover the fire-in-the-belly that made them so successful in the world of boxing so they can reapply their new work ethic with the understanding they’ve developed into the psychology of mindset, motivation and success.

The Terrible Twins as they were affectionately known are back - follow the journey as version 3.0 is unveiled.

Joe Hickey