Weekend of Power - Title Fights, Collaborations and Training with a Global Influencer

In this Day In The Life episode we take you behind the scenes of the busiest - and most successful - weekend of 2018 for the Champions Of Mind team.

We show you the prep that goes into winning an English Title by taking you backstage at York Hall with our Champions Of Media sponsored athlete Michael 'The Trouble Maker' Ramabeletsa - this will give you a real understanding of what a fighter has to do in order to get ready to do battle in the ring.

Then we take you to Woolwich in South East London where we had hired out a boxing gym to record the our iTunes Top Rated Podcast with the Queen of the 10x Empire Elena Cardone... all before a Terrible Twins style beastmode training session where we tested the mindset resilience of one of the world's leading powerhouse entrepreneurs.

This is proper documentation of what it takes to make the power behind the UK's leading coaching brand happen!