Day In The Life - MindMasters 2.1 - Personal Evolution

Exciting day as we launch Intake No.2 of our in-depth group coaching programme MindMasters Members Club, which is a 12-week personal, business and brand development training experience.

Session 1 was all about Personal Evolution; helping our delegates genuinely understand the psychology behind succeeding. The Real-world, no-nonsense, no fluff, no BS truth behind what it takes to attain those results that our attendees all chase.

As well as this being the first day for our new delegates, it was also the first time that the MindMasters Advanced training members got to be in the room and deliver their own perspective on what personal growth they have had to work at in order to achieve the successes they are now enjoying.

Bringing in previous attendees to coach our new delegates enabled the content and concepts to be absorbed at a faster rate whilst at the same time solidifying the learning that our Advanced brand builders have achieved so far.

As always a positively pressurised environment where we covered everything from perceptions to self-awareness, communication to energy.

MindMasters Members Club 2 + MindMasters Advanced = the UK's first genuine 'system' that generates an infinite ROI... Return On Individuality.

James Burtt