Day In The Life: New Levels Of Growth Needed For New Levels Of Success

Consider this episode as 16 minutes of absolutely free power coaching, because that's exactly what this is. If you're looking to influence on social media there's value, if you're growing a business there's value, if you're looking to create more sales there's value, if you're looking to reach a new level physically there's value, if you're looking to grow your brand there's value... no hype, we should be charging you to watch this!

In this power episode we take you behind the scenes of a coaching day with Llewy D as he helps to develop the positioning, content and sales of one of his client's upcoming brands.

In this episode you will see:

* Llewy explaining that results always come at a cost

* How to add value and (only) then place a monetary figure on that value

* The importance of coaching for intuition

* Making increases in content production value when you have a polished message

* The importance of showing and sharing your growth

* Upgrading your content inline with upgrading your skills

* The power of making content based on business experiences

* The ability to always look for an unconscious sale

... and finally Executive Client Alec shares an amazing analogy of how going - and growing - to the next level can be like walking down a dark tunnel searching for an unknown destination.

We pride ourselves on delivering tangible, actionable and usable content and this is the epitome of why we do, what we do, how we do it!

James Burtt