MindMasters 1.2 - The Psychology Behind Success in Business and Brand Communication

Join us behind the scenes for another POWERFUL session at MindMaster Members Club; our 12 week intimate coaching group which is designed solely for business owners and brand builders is already getting some great results for our delegates. 

This week we went DEEP into the communication methods and the psychology of success within business. This might sound like a heavy  subject but ultimately when you understand how you internally and externally communicate you can positively manipulate yourself into a position of leading your marketplace. 

A tough, testing and emotionally session which made our group of MindMasters look at: 
* Growth = Success
* Intuitively reading your market
* Client Retention
* Solution-based sales
* Leading a marketplace and being emulated
* The P-S-P model
* Creating client 'buy-in'
* The benefits and pitfalls of business flexibility
* Building subconscious rapport
* The power of 'show and share'
* Assessing intentional and accidental language 

We’re exposing people to a deep level of thought; creating a coaching environment that encourages ‘out of the box’ thinking AND actually explains the psychology behind the communication which underpins all of business and life’s successes. 

While people think our assertive coaching ethos is about non-stop progressions, for us, it’s not just about taking massive action it’s about having the huge understanding behind every single one of those actions.

Joe Hickey