Day In The Life: Power of Self-Awareness: MindMasters Advanced

This episode goes behind the scenes of the first ever session of the MindMasters Advanced Coaching programme, a 16-week intensive training plan designed to accelerate the results of our business owning attendees.

In this first session Champions Of Mind go in deep to start peeling back the ‘layers of the onion’ of our entrepreneur’s businesses; this is not just about ‘what do you do’ or even ‘why do you do it’ but how have you developed your business practises and does they actually work!

There was - as always with COM coaching! - tough questions that opened up in-depth conversations and bespoke ‘pressure test’ exercises that have been specifically crafted to enable a deeper level of self-assessment in order progress. For Champions Of Mind, coaching is solely about ensuring clients take the action needed to get the results they desire so this episode is a great example of positive pressure!

Joe Hickey