What does it take to become a Market Influencer

In this 'Day In The Life Of' we take you behind the scenes of Champions Of Mind's sell-out Market Influencer Workshop where a packed room of entrepreneurs have come to learn how to dive into what they offer to their market, to understand how to place themselves as a person of influence within their market and then communicate their offering in a way that positions them as a leader within their space. As always, in-depth coaching that makes the delegates take a real hard look at the (honest) work needed to become someone who influences a marketplace. One of the first questions put to the attendees is 'Are you actually willing to stand tall to stand for something and then show up with the consistency required to dominate. A day of engaging and empowering education. Tangible, actionable and usable coaching that delivers transparency about what it will really take to win and ensures that the influencers in the room adopt the mindset of 'Change Only To Progress'

James Burtt