Champions Of Mind - Mindset Bootcamp 3.0

 The ever growing popularity of the Champions Of Mind events means that each and every coaching 'experience' we put together needs to be  bigger and better than the last... not an easy task, but certainly a challenge that we thrive on! As ever Bootcamp 3.0 was designed to push people, pull people, test people, positively pressurise people, question people, challenge people and stretch people. At this Bootcamp we didn't just coach the steps towards massive growth, we actually explained - in plain English - the psychological steps that you have to go (and grow) through in the attainment of success and achievement. A combination of exercises aimed at tapping into who the attendees are, pushing for massive levels of internal growth and even some Executive Client keynotes ensured it was a day of tangible, actionable and usable coaching that people are already taking action on!

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Joe Hickey