MindMasters 1.6: Go DEEP

It’s the final in-person session of MindMasters of the first intake of our MindMasters Members Club programme which is a 12 week personal development, business development and brand development training developed to increase the skills, actions and results of entrepreneurs.

As this was the final session, this one was all about getting our delegates to GO DEEP. They’re now dominating their space - often in saturated markets - so this 6th in-person group Coaching session was about getting them to look at tactics to go deeper into what they offer, the psychology behind how they operate and how this additional depth can help them to convert more sales by securing more (or new) attention / awareness.

Every attendee was put under positive pressure delivering their depth of understanding to the room and we even tested them in front of a mic by rigging up our on-the-road podcasting studio to put them on the spot and see how their deeper understanding translated to intuitive answers to tricky questions.

We’re building individuals to win.

Joe Hickey