Time For An Upgrade!

YOUTUBE EXCLUSIVE: Time For An Upgrade. 

We don’t have a website. 

True Story. 

You might be thinking... ‘how can the UK’s leading coaches not have a website?’ 

Well the truth of it is, between the COM team and our businesses, we’ve created almost quarter of a million pounds in pure profit solely by building a personal brand across social media. 


We’ve collaborated with the world’s best, we’ve shared stages with global leaders, we have produced top rated Podcasts, we’ve sold our every event we’ve put on entirely using social. But, due to the sets of eyes we have watching now, and the changing corporate market that we are focusing on, it’s time to level up our vey own platform. 

We have a multi-talented team so Brand Director James and Champions Of Media’s video Wizard Joe attempt to put together a fully functioning site in 24 hours... 

Joe Hickey