Scaling UP - MindMaster Members Club Day 1 - Pressure Testing Values

YOUTUBE EXCLUSIVE: Join us behind the scenes at the first MindMaster Members Club where the Champions Of Mind team are working with a small group of brand building entrepreneurs to get them to scale themselves and their businesses over the next 12 weeks. Today’s session was an in-depth understand about the ‘5 Pillars Of People’ giving our attendees a deeper insight as to how to communicate their message to the marketplace, how to positively frame their offering and how to match and mirror when dealing with clients and customers to ensure rapport building relationships.

As always the session was intense and growth-inducing, we ask tough questions put people under positive stress and ultimately stress-test these lot in a safe environment to make sure they are armed with the correct tools to win out in the real world. We even - unbeknown to the attendees - set up our travelling studio and did 7 minute quick-fire podcast recordings with each person to seehow intuitively they could answer when in the hiot seat with a mic on front of them and a small crowd watching. Watch how these lot grow and develop over the next 3 months. 

Joe Hickey