What does it genuinely take to create a six figure business???

You see it all the time, 'Hands-free 6 figure business' 'Make £100K From Home' '12 months to be a millionaire' and guess what, the only people making money in those situations are those who are teaching the bulls*it in the first place! 

So, to counteract this, we decided to put together a one day coaching experience - aimed solely at business owners and brand builders - to show them what it actually takes to reach the upper levels of business growth. 

No BS, no fluff, no nonsense just the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

How have Champions Of Mind created multiple high earning businesses so fast? What does it really take? What emotional landmines must you be aware of in order to grow a brand? How do you need to be able to identify how you spend your time? What resistance will you come up against? What do you allocate your time towards to gain maximum value etc.    

This was no normal 'event' this was a value-packed coaching experience where the UK's leading coaches worked with a room of action-takers who had a brutally open and honest 6 hours as we dissected the attendees beliefs, bank balances and their businesses.

Putting people in uncomfortable situations is what we do best as we know pushing people beyond their perceived comfort zones is how to create the fastest and most sustainable growth... and this was a day packed with uncomfortable progress! We knew that one of the biggest barriers for the people in the room was their relationship towards money, so we even made delegates openly say what was in their current account at that moment and laid down the truth about requiring a better understanding of finances in order to make the right moves towards becoming cash rich before trying to find more investments or 'cashflow' models! 


Joe Hickey