Champions Of Mind with Grant Cardone; The Psychology of 10x

Welcome to the Champions Of Mind podcast - game changing content from the UK’s leading success, mindset and motivational coaches Llewellyn and Rhys Davies alongside Brand Director James Burtt.

This week’s show is a very special edition as it is the first ever ‘Interview’ format and we bring in a bigger hitter for our first ever external guest. On this week’s show, Champions Of Mind chat about the real-world psychology behind success, achievement and hustle with Mr 10x himself Grant Cardone.

On the show we discuss:
* Why Grant thinks everyone should be willing to get on their knees and beg,
* The concept behind “Who’s Got My Money”
* The ethos of ‘staying broke’
* Why is is essential to ‘listen deeper’
* Regardless of results, you’re never too safe for average
* Why Grant walks in a room to find targets
* 10x is essentially about thinking 10 times bigger
* The first successful $600K year that left GC feeling poor
* The importance of documenting the journey
* Money can’t buy real friends, but it can get almost everything else
* GC’s Top Tip to move forwards is to know where you are really at
* Why it is important to understand the cycles of history   
GC brings his trademark frankness and energy which is pure audio firepower when combined with the Champions Of Mind trademark straight-talk ensuring every listen to this show will walk away with usable, tangible and actionable content they can implement to their lives.

Joe Hickey