A Day In The Life: Live Podcast Q&A Session with 10 lucky #MindsetBootcamp Winners

We get so much great feedback about the iTunes Top 10 Champions Of Mind podcast that we decided that we wanted to let some members of our various communities come and experience the magic of making the audio gold happen! So we invited 10 #MindsetBootcamp attendees to come to Central London a day early and have a unique, behind-the-scenes look at the show and sit in. Then we thought, "forget them watching us do what we do, let's get them involved!" so we ended up recording a Q&A special of the show with our selected guests asking the questions. In true, COM style we also wanted to make sure we over-delivered, so the team ended up doing an impromptu mini coaching session for everyone in the room. So, here is what happened when we decided to go from three guys round a mic to a board room of VIP attendees making the podcast happen!

Joe Hickey