Building Multiple 6-Figure Businesses - A Day In The Life of Champions Of Mind

YouTube Exclusive: how do we spend our time, how do we interact as a team, what individual skills to we all bring to the party, how do we create sales, how are we able to create sell-our events, what content do we make as reactive marketing that engages our audience. 

We LOVE documenting what we’re doing because we genuinely feel like Champions Of Mind is the bridge between what you already know and the action requires to use your existing skills to create a lifestyle on your own terms. 

This 12 minute mini-film is a great example of a standard day of launching, creating, monetising and documenting. 

This work ethic, continual growth and all pushing each other’s comfort zones is why we’re the UK’s Leading Coaching and Motivation brand so please watch carefully so you can implement these tactics into your own life. 

Joe Hickey