MindMasters 2.2: Day In The Life - The Power Of Ego, Realisation and Watching A Life Get Changed

On this 'Day In The Life' we have our MindMasters 2 and MindMasters Advanced attendees with us for an intensive day of business growth and brand building.

This coaching session was a mix of tangible business tactics combined with a real hard look at the internal shifts needed to created a level of success. We discuss: Ego and how it can empower when used at the right time / Self-awareness and how this is an essential element to what works for you / We 'pressure Test' our executives as always / we do multiple Live feeds to positively stress our attendees to show and communicate their learnings. Llewy and Rhys share how they got a WWE contract by just being honest about their lack of ability... and then how a one million pound contract got taken away. And to top it all off we give another worthy winner a chance to experience a genuinely life-altering experience by gifting a place to our trip to South Africa.

Joe Hickey