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South Africa Experience

So here it is; probably the most important and exciting experience we have launched since we started we started Champions Of Mind!

On July 17th 2019 the COM team are heading back to South Africa to work alongside the Incredible Winnie Mabaso Foundation... and we’re taking 10 Of you with us!

This is going to be a genuinely life-changing trip.

When we had the opportunity last year to meet the team and the children at the Winnie Mabaso Foundation it had a deep impact on us - personally and professionally - so we are excited to share this with a small group of action-takers.

The Winnie Mabaso Foundation provides a forever home for over 20 young girls - many who are orphaned - as we as supporting the wider local community which is largely as around a large ‘squatter camp’. The charity has been responsible for creating houses, playgroups, library and community centre in one of the most deprived areas of South Africa. A Genuinely amazing charity doing genuinely amazing work.

So, are you in!?

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