The boys

Champions Of Mind - the UK’s most in-demand coaches.
Accelerating the successes and results of Executive Clients, Olympians, UFC fighters, High Net-Worth Investors, Public Figures, Business Owners, Brand Builders and those who aspire to be, do and have more in their lives!


The journey of how two boys from a council estate in Coventry escaped a life of crime and ended up becoming the most sought-after performance coaches in the UK, then teamed up with a mate to create the country’s fastest-growing mindset and motivation brand, is almost the stuff of fairytales
- except it’s not! This is about as real as it gets!  

It’s a journey that covers: 
Professional football, International amateur boxing, Professional fighting, award-winning Bodybuilding, Fitness Modelling, acting alongside the likes of Nicole Kidman, Creating an iTunes top 10 podcast, International Keynote talks, Sharing the stage with Les Brown, Collaborating with global sales icon Grant Cardone, becoming multiple business CEO’s, creating the UK’s most exciting live mindset events and being approached for various TV and film projects.