Power of Podcasting


How to create, produce, launch and monetise your own podcast.

Find out how we have have built an internationally recognised brand, creating multiple-six-figure businesses in just one year... all starting with a podcast!

And we’ll show you how to do this all from a standing start... this one day training will give you the complete A-Z of creating and launching your own global show.

During this exclusive day of tangible, usable and actionable content will be covering:

  • Podcast Format - interview / solo round / mastermind / roundtable

  • Presenting 101 - how to engage you audience

  • Show Creation - name, content category, frequency

  • Media Hosting - content syndication setup and Apple Podcast approval

  • Creating your Ideal Listener Avatar - crafting a plan for who is your perfect listener

  • Show Values, Missions Statement, Goals - What do you really want to get from hosting your own show

  • Artwork - creating images that work for multiple platforms

  • Intro Music - Licence-free audio options that make you

  • Voiceover - pre-recorded intro and outro options

  • Equipment Setup - getting a professional studio sound on a budget

  • Software Setup - Online platforms that help you reach more people fast

  • Editing Setup - How to make your recording sounds like it was made by a pro

  • Audio Production Overview - Adding production value to make your show sound big

  • Launch Plan / Marketing Strategy - How to get lots of ears from Day 1