Champions Of Mind are excited to announce that we are bringing our unique spin on the Personal Development space to one of the country’s best venues…. Yes, it’s confirmed, on Sunday 26th January 2020 the Champions Of Mind team bring you Europe’s leading performance-enhancing event ‘Personal Development Bootcamp’.

We’ve helped our executive clients - and a select few that are part of our inner circle - make huge transitions across their personal growth, health, wealth, finances and relationships and now we want bring our trademark results-focused content and energy to the masses.

As is standard with Champions Of Mind coaching experiences, this will be a day of tangible, actionable and usable content that you can take away, implement immediately and see a shift in successes.

During the day we will be covering:

  • Personal Economy

  • Mindset Resilience

  • Frequency

  • The 7 Obstacles To Success


We are opening up all the three levels of seating now so you can choose between VIP, Upper Level or standard seating immediately. We are making all three options super-affordable as this event is all about creating an impact and starting a wave of positive actionable achievement the likes of which Europe has never seen!


  • Separate entrance

  • Access to VIP lounge

  • Front Row Seating

  • Meet and Greet with the Speakers

  • 30 Minute Exclusive Q and A

  • Workbook


  • Priority View Upper Circle Seating Workbook


  • Floor seating

  • Secure Your Space now