Execution 2019: Kill Your Excuses Or Die Trying

One day of intensive coaching with the UK’s leading mindset, motivation, action-taking coaches where we establish exactly how you are going to win in 2019 - what progress you are making and what growth tactics you need to deploy. Not fluffy ‘affirmation style goal setting’ this is practical training to help you win on your terms.

We always focus on a genuine ROI - Return On Individuality - and this is going to be absolutely essential to zone in on to make sure 2019 is the year you win big in... maybe for the first time ever!

During the intensive one day session we cover:

  • Learning to establish what's holding you back

  • Clearly identify your 3 operating zones

  • Actionable Goal Setting

  • How to effectively execute in 2019

  • Understanding the emotional journey required to win

  • No Holds Barred Coaching Environment