MINDSET Bootcamp

19th April 2020 10am | Nuthurst Grange Hotel in Solihull


On 19th April 2020 Champions Of Mind are bringing you Europe’s leading performance-enhancing event our ‘Mindset Bootcamp’ at the Nuthurst Grange Hotel in Solihull.

This one day ‘success seminar’ (which is term we usually hate, but this is exactly what it is going to be!) is packed with tangible, actionable and instantly-usable coaching content that has been developed through working on enhancing the performance of entrepreneurs, Olympians, UFC fighters, business owners, start-up founders, athletes, experts, influencers and High Net-Worth Investors.

We will ensure a genuine shift in your outcomes and results by working on:

Creating Your Ideal Day

Daily Routines

Elite Performance Habits


Strategic Goal Setting

Self Belief and Self Worth

Zones Of Operation


We’ve helped our clients make huge transitions across their personal growth, health, wealth, finances and relationships and now we are bringing our trademark results-focused content and energy to the masses. 


Think of ‘Mindset Bootcamp’ as the place to create your success plan for 2020!

You will leave the day with you own bespoke blueprint to creating greater levels of success and achievement in your life by focusing on:  

Mindset Resilience

Personal Economy

Daily Routines

Frequency and Energy


Income Producing Activity


Your True Value


As is standard with Champions Of Mind coaching experiences, this will be a day of tangible, actionable and usable content that you can take away, implement immediately and see a shift in successes. 


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