How to plan, produce, launch, grow and monetise your podcast.


Giving you all the skills and tech to launch your own show

How to reach 6,000,000 UK adults each week

Take advantage of a medium that has grown 25% in the last year alone


We know how to help you gain a truly global audience because we have done it for ourselves and dozens of our clients! Champions Of Mind’s podcast alone has reached +450 cities in over 100 countries around the world, we have thousands of downloads every week and we get interview requests constantly from global influencers. 


We’ve made £1,700,000 since creating the COM brand in 2017 and it all started with the launch of our podcast.


We launched a podcast two years ago and it was the catalyst to our multiple market-leading businesses; it enabled us to deliver keynote talks around the world, share the stage with Les Brown and collaborate with the likes of Grant Cardone and make over £1,000,000 in clear profit in the first 18 months... and it all started from one little podcast!


Podcast Format

Show Creation

Creating your Ideal Listener Avatar

Intro Music / Voiceover

How to record and edit

Media Training / Presenting 101


Media Hosting


Show Values, Missions Statement, Goals


Equipment / Software Setup

Launch Plan / Marketing Strategy


We've already helped dozens of entrepreneurs, PTs, experts, coaches, influencers, investors and even an Everest explorer get their shows into the iTunes Top charts, so we have developed a hugely successful process to help you plan, produce, edit, launch and monetise your own show. 


The training course is delivered by Brand Director James who brings 13 years of media, marketing, PR, content-production and radio presenting experience to the coaching, so he's essentially condensing over a decade in audio expertise and knowledge into 2 packed days!

This event is for you if: 

You want to create a global brand

You have expertise to share

You are an influencer

You want to leverage large audiences

You want the opportunity to reach 6,000,000 listeners a week

You want to be perceived as a person of influence within your space

You want to generate more sales

You want to standout from competitors in your marketplace

You understand the importance of being on core marketing platforms


BEN DOWNTON - Grafters Podcast

James is the man when it comes to creating your podcast. A podcast is a tool for your business or personal brand and James really focuses on that.

STEVE BURGESS - Time, Money, Mindset Podcast

What I thought would be overwhelming and a tech nightmare actually wasn’t after the coaching and support I received from James.


Podcasting is doing to audio what on-demand TV did to standard channels; changing the face of the medium. With the likes of Gary Vee investing in podcast platforms like Anchor the whole podcasting space is under the spotlight right now and it is ripe for entrepreneurs, business owners and brand builders to utilise to hit a genuinely global audience.


Thousands of downloads a week, a global audience and one of the most powerful platforms on the planet for growing your personal or business brand. The power of podcasting is waiting for you. 



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