Mindset Bootcamp - 1 day of tangible, actionable and usable content designed to kick start your mindset and motivation in the pursuit of your goals.

Social Media Confidence Workshop - Champions Of Mind explain the exact process that they use to utilise on social media to add value, build rapport and, ultimately, sell - lots!

Six Figure Sit Down - a relax group coaching day where we look at your current business, what actions you are taking and what results you’re creating. Great for start-up / new business owners and aspiring brand builders.

Market Influencer - Two days of intensive coaching on how to create and craft your message, communicate it to your marketplace and become seen as a leading influencer through multi-platform marketing and communication tactics.

MindMasters Members Club - 12 week small-group coaching package designed specifically for establishing, launching or communication your brand by diving deep into the psychology of modern day business practice and driving value-led sales.


MindMasters Advanced - Upon successful completion of MindMasters Members Club you will be in a smaller (and more intensive) 16-week coaching environment where Champions Of Mind share the exact business strategy and coaching process to their Executive Clients.

Public Speaking - how to publicly speak on and offline. No up-sell stage anchoring, just how to best communicate your message fast and gain buy-in from your ideal clients by delivering genuine value. We will also cover the psychology of public speaking to make it a power-play for you.

Execution - we run this event at the end of each year to deeply assess what you have excited on to create your results during the year - be that good or bad. We will then effectively action-taking-goal-set to ensure that you gain more traction fast via implementation.

South Africa Experience - a 5-7 day trip to South Africa in support of the amazing work of a much-loved charity we work with. This is a life-changing, perspective-shifting experience where you get your hands dirty on the ground helping with the day to day running of this amazing little organisation.